Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chocolate Playdough

I found a great recipe for chocolate playdough!  We whipped up a batch this morning and now Turtle is happily using her cookie cutters to make her own Christmas "cookies".  It has a similar texture to playdough that is cooked on the stove, but it was much easier on the arms as I mixed it all in the KA.  This will be a better recipe to use in the classroom when we need to make playdough. 

The same author has a wonderful gift idea using her chocolate play dough as well.  Maybe I'll get myself on the ball next year & do this as gifts for my students!

Assorted Chocolate Bars

Warning:  The dough smells really good.  Be prepared for your child to ask to put the "cookies" in the oven!  Good thing Turtle has her own oven to use  :D

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  1. Have you seen the colored cookie dough that you can make and then bake cookies with?

    I need to find a homemade version, but still cool.


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