Friday, December 3, 2010

Too late?

Quadrilla Marble Railway, Basic SetI had high hopes of picking up this marble run for Turtle's gift from Santa.  You see I was a good girl and took my mother shopping.  Doing lots of walking to get shopping done is hard on Mom these days, so we're doing what we can to help out.  (hint hint Santa).  As I was out without a Turtle in tow, it was a perfect opportunity to finish my own shopping.  I dropped Mom off at her home, then battled the traffic to get to the teacher supply store where the marble run was located.  The teacher supply store happens to be right by the craft supply store.  I needed a few things for school activities, so I stopped there first. 

Let me just say, I love wandering around the craft store!  Right now it smells strongly of cinnamon and the aisles are packed with all kinds of things that sparkle.  Needless to say, I was there for some time.  After stowing my bags in the car, I found myself outside the teacher supply store.  I waffled a moment.  There was another store I wanted to go to as well.  Should I go there first or get Turtle's prezzie?  I decided to go to the other store instead, and hence my fate was sealed.

I finished my shopping at the other store, and happily walked back to get the marble run.  Feeling proud of myself for having been so productive, I reached to open the door only to find it.......locked.  "That's odd"  I thought to myself, "the door must be broken, I'll just try the other one."  To my puzzlement it too was locked.  I could see two ladies inside the bright lit store, talking by the cash register.  I'm sure they were talking about me, laughing as I dithered outside the store, walking away then coming right back to check the store hours sign.  Walking away again, then pulling out my cell phone to check the time, then back again to check the hours sign once more.  It was only 7.  Apparently I'm such an American that I expect ALL stores to be either open 24/7 and failing that, at least until 9 during the holidays. 

So now if I want Turtle to have the marble run for Christmas, I'll have to drive ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN again (a popular rant here) to pick it up or order it online.  Such heartbreak, such drama!  Have I ruined Christmas?  Will Turtle still believe in Santa if he fails to bring her marble work?  Will Santa bring anything for me after saying many bad words & thinking bad thoughts after arriving at the store too late?

Too Late

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