Friday, January 21, 2011

An Evening's Work

I dusted off my sewing box and settled down with my needles and thread last night.

Will I win awards for my stitching?  Probably not.  But just so you have an idea of what it took to make this kitchen towel:

First stitch...."Mama, are you done yet?"  Turtle asked plaintively.

"No, I'm just starting."  Stitch, stitch, stitch. 

"Are you done now Mama?"

"No, I'm just starting."  Stitch, stitch, stitch, stitch.  "Turtle, please stop kicking me."  Stitch, stitch.  "Turtle, I mean it -please stop kicking me!"  Stitch, stitch, stitch.

"Mama, are you done yet?"

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that I finished it AFTER Turtle went to bed.

Pattern from Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns and How-To

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  1. Does this mean you will stitch a Nook on my little bag for me? I still haven't looked at fabric. Oops.


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