Thursday, January 20, 2011

No more excuses

Did I forget to mention I embarked upon my first Scaredy Cat Challenge of the new year?  I've signed up for boot camp.

Not an exercise-until-you-puke kind, a mental boot camp, offered by Flylady friend Jonathan Roche

I've had the No Excuses Workout (NEWO) system for almost 2 years now.  "Obviously the NO EXCUSES part has not quite sunk in!" *sayeth the Queen of Excuses*

So I'm trying again.  Hopefully boot camp will help reset my thinking patterns so I am less likely to MAKE EXCUSES when it comes to keeping myself healthy.

It is 12 weeks of daily missions, weekly writing assignments and video pep talks.  I'm happy to report that so far I am not behind AND.....wait for it........I actually exercised today!

It felt pretty good, especially as I haven't really done anything resembling exercise since completing the half marathon in October (excuse: runner's toe).  I'm also using Weight Watchers online to help me keep track of what I eat. 

I know, sounds like a New Year's resolution.  But I'm choosing to look at as picking up where I left off last spring when I last tried to seriously get back in pre-baby shape.

Do you find yourself making excuses to avoid something?

Self-Control, Einstein


  1. Go C-Joy! Baby steps eventually meld together to become big steps!

  2. I love your attitude - picking up where you left off. I also love your Einstein picture...great advise :)


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