Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Laminator Love

Remember how excited I was to buy a laminator?  Well I finally used it  :D

It is a dream to work with too!  I make a lot of the materials I use in the classroom.  Most of these materials require a color printer.  I don't have one of those at school, so my materials were not being made because they would get lost in the shuffle of traveling between my home and the laminator at school. So now I can print off what I want, cut it, and then IMMEDIATELY laminate the work so it is then ready to take to school.  My goal is to do one new work on the weekend. 

My first attempt was a calendar.

I used velcro so we can change the dates to match the actual calendar from month to month.  There are special cards for holidays, and a couple that say Happy Birthday.  I found a calendar in a CD case for 50 cents, so that is going on the tray as the control for the kids to build the month.  I got the free printable from Montessori For Everyone.  So far it has been a popular work in the classroom!


  1. A laminator is on my wish list right now. I can hardly wait until I can get one.

  2. C-Joy I never knew your secret yearning for laminated stuff. We always learn something new about our friends.

    btw, I'm glad Turtle is being introduced to ABBA. There are important things children must know!

  3. ohhhhhh! I love this printable! Thanks Candace!


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