Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Au revoir, ma dairy!

Sadly, dairy and I can no longer get along. Here I thought we were good friends, me enjoying the entire gamut of dairy products: yogurt, cheese, milk, cheese, ice cream, cheese, kefir, cheese. And let's not forget the cheese! Dairy has long been my go-to protein when I didn't want to eat meat, lovingly providing me with comfort and flavor.

Apparently, this has been a one-sided relationship for quite some time. After a loooooong weekend of gastric distress, I wasn't in the mood for a big lunch at school. Nor did I have the energy to gather a big lunch for myself, but I digress.  I grabbed one of the yogurts I had stashed in my little classroom fridge. I hardly had time to lick my spoon clean when I found myself nearly doubled over in pain. Recalling all the food I had eaten so far that day, it dawned on me that I could be lactose intolerant. My body could be rejecting one of my favorite food groups!!!!!

It was time to Google. I knew that many with fibromyalgia also had trouble with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome -not Irritable Bitch Syndrome as some are prone to believe*), but what I didn't realize was that many people with fribromyalgia also have problems with dairy products. There are those who have experienced significant symptom relief by avoiding dairy products.  I think it is too soon to tell if I will be one of those people, I'm just tickled pink that the digestive distress has stopped now that I have drastically reduced my dairy consumption. I have not yet obtained complete dairy avoidance -in fact I'm stunned by the number of products I use daily that do contain milk.  I'm so sorry, dairy! I think our love just wasn't meant to be.

I haven't run this by my doctor yet, nor have I consumed any dairy to see if the symptoms return. Quite frankly, I'll be only to happy to give up dairy if it means that I don't have to add IBS to my health collection.

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*Personally, I feel anyone dealing with food problems and/or chronic pain should be allowed to be as bitchy as they would like.

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  1. Aw, that sucks! I guess our days of eating baguettes and yummy cheese are over. Boo hoo!!


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