Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Zentangle

Just because I know you can't get enough Zentangles  :-P

Do you know how after you play too much Tetris, you can "see" the different shapes falling when you close your eyes? (Wait, you mean that's just me?)  Well now I'm starting to see Zentangles everywhere.  DH laughs at me because I bought a book that basically is telling me how to doodle. Phooey I say -I'm just learning new tricks!

I'm sure very soon I'll be pulling this out to do in the classroom. I think my oldest kids will go nuts for it! Turtle insists on doing some with me whenever she's around while I'm playing with my pens.

And yes, I did make my goal of stretching every morning while my water boils for tea. It isn't quite as automatic as grabbing a glass of water first thing after waking up, but maybe it will be by next week.

Now, to choose which habit to learn next?

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