Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trials of living in a small house

There are many challenges that come with living in a small home.  I expected it to be tough to keep the quantity of possessions in proportion to the available space. It breaks my heart a little when Turtle starts a sentence with, "when our house grows bigger". We enjoy watching House Hunters, and often asks "Mommy, when do we get to choose from three houses?"  I do my best to keep our small house organized, user friendly, comfortable, and generally a place where Turtle loves to live.

We had 1.5 bathrooms on our wish list when we were house hunting. Had we known about Turtle's existence when we chose this house, we may have passed it over. But we didn't know, and so far we have managed to make one bathroom work for us.  As Turtle grows older, I know that the one bathroom issue is going to become trickier to handle.

Thinking I had a few more years before dealing with any ablutionary drama, I was thrown completely off guard with recent events. My whole timetable for dealing with the "one bathroom" was turned upside down because I didn't foresee Turtle's Imaginary Sisters spending so much time in our one and only bathroom. "You can't use the bathroom -the door is shut which means my sisters are in there!"  is a phrase I've had enough of this past week.

I am truly committed into making this small home work for the long haul. But I must admit, I think it may be time to bite the bullet and build an imaginary bathroom for Turtle's Imaginary Sisters.


  1. LOVE it!!!! Guess since the sister are imaginary they can have an outhouse..... maybe :D

    1. LOL An imaginary outhouse would work beautifully!


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