Friday, November 9, 2012

5FF (5 Fibro on Friday): Worst Fibro Hobbies

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Hobbies are a great way to distract yourself from whatever Fibromyalgia symptom is bothering you the most. However, not all hobbies are created equal. Before you try to help a friend by suggesting a hobby as a distraction technique, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at what at what could be the worst possible hobbies to take up when you have Fibro.

  1. Spelunking: OK, being  in the dark could be quite peaceful. But then there would be the crawling over hard surfaces, the cold damp, and the ear-splitting echoes. I'm sure I would have a choice word (or ten) for the unfortunate soul who happened to mistakenly blind me with their little head lamp.
  2. Rock Climbing: This will break my nephew's heart, but I think clambering over rocks above ground would be just as painful as exploring underground rocks. A lack of energy would probably prevent me from leaving the ground, not to mention the trust issues I would have with the equipment to keep me safely suspended above the ground.
  3. Parkour: According to Wikepedia, "effective parkour techniques depend on fast redistribution of body weight and the use of momentum to perform seemingly difficult or impossible body maneuvers at great speed". I try to keep this in mind when I pick myself up from the ground after avoiding a collision with another person, while trying to answer my cell phone and walk at the same time. I didn't trip, I just performed a spontaneous act of parkour.
  4. Ice Hockey: It doesn't matter how much padding is involved, you still have to stay upright on slim pieces of metal on a slippery surface while crazy people brandishing sticks are racing around you, trying to knock you over by slamming their body into yours. On the plus side, any injury sustained could be immediately iced.
  5. Roller Derby: Similar to ice hockey, except on wheels and without the sticks. Or the padding.
There you have it. Be a responsible friend, and don't let someone you love (who happens to have Fibromyalgia) take up any of these hobbies!

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