Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fighting Fibro with the Flylady

I've had a long-term, on again-off again relationship with the Flylady. This relationship predates my Fibromyalgia. But now that I've come to accept that Fibro is a permanent part of my life, I'm beginning to fully appreciate the life management system offered by the Flylady.

Have you heard of her? Have you tried it? The basic premise is that you can do anything for 15 minutes, including things you'd rather not do. Like housework, for instance. Check out her website for details on how to reclaim your life from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I know when I'm in the midst of a flare, it is very easy to feel bad about what I can't do to maintain my home. Setting a timer for 15 minutes and tackling a room always makes me feel better about myself, which in turn helps me feel better in general.

I've been rereading Sink Reflections with a few buddies on Twitter. After finishing the first chapter, I've decided to focus on:
  • Clean counters: these make my small kitchen feel bigger. And organized.
  • BBR (Before Bed Routine): This includes getting my gym bag ready, as well as preparing breakfast/lunch/snacks. This usually happens as soon as I get home from work so it is finished before I exhaust all my energy for the evening. When this is done, I can get out the door and have time for a good workout before getting to school.
  • Going to bed at a decent hour: Ha! Going to bed at a decent hour sometimes means staying awake until AFTER I put Turtle to bed. The trick is to stay in bed (asleep) until my alarm goes off the next morning. Exercise helps me sleep through the night. But, in order to have enough time to exercise, I need to have completed my BBR (see point above).
  • Doing something everyday that helps me feel special: This is a tough one! Right now, I make sure to indulge with my Body Shop Satsuma Body Oil with my post-workout shower. I've also unearthed my Satsuma Parfum Oil. I can't help but smile when I get a whiff of that orangey goodness!
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