Saturday, December 8, 2012

5FF: Forgetting

*Five things. Every Friday. About Fibro*

Hello, Brain Fog!

The upcoming holidays seem to be highlighting just how awful my memory is. Sometimes, I am amazed that I manage to get myself to work at all, let alone get to work appropriately dressed and with everything I need for the day. So for today's post, I thought I would highlight the five things that most frequently bypass my brain.

1. My purse. I don't go far to get to the gym or work, and I generally don't stop at any stores on the way home from work. This means for the most part, I can get by without my purse. However, it is where I keep my padlock and music -both essential components for working out at the gym. I keep these items in my purse as the my current gym bag has no pockets, and I hate having to pull everything out just to find these tiny items. Sometimes, I merely forget my purse in the car at the gym. This is easily fixed by a quick trip out to the parking lot. It is not a quick fix when I manage to leave my purse at home. When this happens, I can write off working out before work.

2. Work clothes. I pack my gym bag the night before. I just don't always remember to pack everything I need to change into post-workout. I can get by with casual work attire, but sweaty t-shirts are just a tad too casual. Not to mention, uncomfortable.

3. My lunch. Again, I prepare my lunch for the next day when I get home from work. I don't always remember to take it out of the fridge when I leave for work.

4. My vitamins. I am horrible at remembering to take my vitamins, and medicine in general. This pre-dates my Fibro diagnosis, but is noticeably worse these days. It is a bit ironic, as some of the vitamins are supposed to help my brain function better.

5. My blog. Don't think I didn't notice that this Friday post is going up on Saturday! I am stuck using an app to post on my blog, and there is no feature to schedule posts in advance. There is also no feature that smacks me upside the head to remind me to post something.

There you have it -my forgotten list. What do you struggle to remember?

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