Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New page leaf

Happy New Year!

Are you as full of new ideas, new plans, goals, and challenges as I am?

It must be all this wondrous time off that has really started the old gray cells working. I am trying something new with my blogging -writing out my ideas on paper first! Somehow, I like what I come up with when I can longhand it first. Plus I am hoping that it will help me post more regularly. I have lots of ideas on which to write, but my mind always goes blank when I sit down in front of the computer. Weird.

So I have a lovely new notebook to start the new year. I shall have to be firm with Turtle as to whom this notebook belongs, otherwise I will find it  in her room, covered with her lovely artwork and handwriting. (Yes, she's writing now!)

I'm going to beat the intimidation of the first blank page by starting my writing on the second page.

Here's to an abundant & joyful year!

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