Friday, January 11, 2013

5FF: I'm Such a Teas

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Some can't live without coffee. Me? I can not live without my tea! Not even my favorite heating pad can worm me up faster than a cup of tea. Naturally, I have to tell you which ones I like best.

1. Traditional Medicinal Everyday Detox Tea:  It is naturally caffeine free, which means I can enjoy it any time of day. It is slightly sweet, and what I love the most about it is the way it relieves my dry mouth symptoms!

2.  PG Tips: A full bodied, fully caffeinated, black tea. I drink a cup of this first thing in the morning when I don't have to worry about the caffeine keeping me awake all night. Lovely with a splash of soy milk.

3.  Peppermint tea: Another naturally caffeine-free drink. I love having this in the afternoon with a light snack. It does help settle my stomach after I have indulged in the wrong kind of food. A very good tea to have on hand for those with IBS.

4. Stash Chai Spice Decaf Tea: This is my go-to evening beverage! It smells divine. I don't mind skipping dessert when I have this with a touch of honey and some soy milk. It is also very tasty straight up.

5.  Red Blossom Tea Company Dragon Pearl Jasmine Supreme: This is hands down my most favorite green tea! Just a few "pearls" in your cup of hot water produces the most heavenly-scented tea on the planet. When brewed properly, it has an incredible floral/sweet flavor. I also like that you can get 2 or 3 steepings out of the same leaves before discarding.

Fascinating tea tip: Does your tea taste bitter? Many try to correct this by adding sugar, which will actually end up making your tea taste even more bitter. Smooth out the flavor by adding a slice of lemon. To avoid bitter tasting tea, be sure to use the correct temperature of water and remove the tea in a timely fashion. If you are using a bag, don't squeeze it to get the water out :)

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