Monday, January 14, 2013

Saving Inspiration

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One of the titles that inspired my saving money at the grocery store effort was Your Grocery Budget Toolbox by Anne Simpson.  I appreciated her focus on how to buy the healthiest food possible based on your budget. (I think if there were a Trader Joe's nearby, my grocery list would look very similar to hers.) Nutrition is a vital component in managing my Fibro symptoms, and I'm not willing to sacrifice all quality for the bottom line. I also like how her method acknowledges that coupons can be useful in saving money, they are not the basis for keeping your food budget under control.

She too is a proponent of Once A Month Shopping (OAMS), but makes weekly forays to get fresh produce and dairy. I may try this myself as I'm not sure I like the limits of buying produce once a month, at least until it is CSA season. DH didn't mind doing the weekly grocery shopping, so I'm sure he would be willing to continue with the job.

At any rate, check it out if you too are trying to stretch your money dollars. You can get some of the information in the book from her blog as well!

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