Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holiday Houseworks: Close to Home Week

I shouldn't have done it, but I ran out of time & was left with no choice but to go ahead with the job.  That's right, I decluttered Turtle's toys while she was home AND awake.  Needless to say, we didn't get rid of much.

So I may do another stealth declutter attack in a couple of weeks.  This time when she's asleep.

The house is looking very festive now as I actually put out some fall decor.  I came across an old Halloween tablecloth I had forgotten about, so I put it on the table.  Turtle was thrilled!  She's not so thrilled with the electric fake jack o'lantern we got from Grandma last year.  I'm sure a visit to a pumpkin patch will be happening soon :)

On one last Halloween note, Turtle has decided she wants to be a princess! So I'll be scouring the consignment shops for flower girl dresses, then see about getting a tiara.  Hey, it certainly beats the Elmo costume she spied last week!

Little Girl with a Toy House Cleaning Kit
Little Girl with a Toy House Cleaning Kit Photographic Print

What every Montessori child needs!


  1. Thanks for the reminder re Halloween costumes! DS10 wanted to be a Dalek but the only ready-made ones are for small kids...looks like we'll be working with lots of gaffa tape and a plunger ;D

  2. Hey C-Joy! I've awarded you the Lovely Blog Award--see my blog for details!


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