Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Playground in Town

Turtle had a chance to ride in Aunty's minivan this evening.  Because she was riding higher than normal, she noticed for the first time "a great big playground with lots of stones!"

Frost on Headstones and Gravestones in a Graveyard at Ossington, Nottinghamshire, England

I'm not superstitious or anything, but I'm thinking if she wants to play in this playground, she'll have to depend on someone else to take her (hint hint ms. caboo). 

BTW, did anyone else play the car game where you had to hold your breath while driving past a cemetary or was that just another joke my cousins played on me? 


  1. I've never heard that car game.

    I used to lift my feet and touch the roof of the car and put my tongue to the roof of my mouth when I'd go over railroad tracks...


    never mind.

  2. Used to? In my car, unless you're driving, those feet better be raised up!

    C-Joy, I was holding my breath driving past cemeteries too!

    Cousins are cruel aren't they?

  3. LOL Cruel indeed! Snipe hunting, seeing sharks in the lake, hide & seek where they "forget" to find you..........
    *says the woman whose child believes she has to wave her feet in the air whenever we cross a state line*

  4. I would be happy to take Turtle to a cemetery any time! It would be better if they were in Scotland or Ireland, tho. :)

  5. I remember holding my breath too. Does anyone else remember the scene in A League of Their Own where all the girls on the team cross their fingers as they pass a cemetery? "Boneyard! Cross your fingers or you'll never get another hit again!"

    Also if ms. caboo is taking Turtle to Scotland or Ireland I'm stowing away in a suitcase or something. :D

  6. haha! It's a legitimate game.


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