Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miracle cleaning product!!!!

Being the good sister that I am, I agreed to help my sis clean her screened-in porch in order to get her house ready to sell.  The porch is where the grill is located, and the walls were coated with years of built up grease.  Not a fun prospect, especially during the hot & humid spell we've been having.  I grabbed these microfiber mitts on impulse thinking they might come in handy.

Boy, did they ever!  We scrubbed with a variety of materials and methods for a couple of hours.  Finally we tried these and managed to clean more wall space in 15 minutes than we had in the previous 2 hours.  It cut thru the grease like butter!  I was excited to try some at my own house.

Remember Turtle's artfully decorated walls?  After 15 minutes with a wet mitt (no cleaning product), the wall went from looking like this:

to this:

There are still faint red lines left that will probably never come off (without sandpaper), but a HUGE improvement nonetheless.  It still took some elbow grease to get the marks on the wall, but at least the mitt is still intact and ready to tackle the doors in her room.  I successfully used Magic Erasers to clean one of her walls, but I used an entire box to do so.  Yes indeed, these mitts are FABULOUS!  I've since found finger-sized versions and slippers.  I haven't tried the slippers yet  :-P 

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  1. I hope this means Turtle won't take to the crayon box again now that she's got a blank canvas/wall to create more masterpieces.


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