Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I left my heart

in San Francisco!!

It was a tad bit rainy. And chilly. But still, I got to go to San Francisco!!!!!!

I lived there for a short time, many moons ago. It was wonderful getting a chance to go back and have several days to soak in (literally) the atmosphere of this vibrant city.

So many things have changed, like the California Academy of Sciences:

(the green hill you see above the roof is actually ON the roof)

The DeYoung Museum:
(We missed the Gaultier exhibit by 4 days-boo)

They are even letting people get on the middle door of the buses now!

Some things are heart-warmingly the same, like the Japanese Tea Garden:

and those irresistible cable cars:
I got to ride the cable cars every day as they went right past the apartment we rented and dropped me off a block away from my conference location. I know, it was tough -but someone had to do it.

In the next post I'll share my piece de resistance of the trip, our Napa Valley Wine tour!
And yes -it was an exciting trip, thus all the !!!!!!!!!!!! in the post  :-D

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