Friday, April 13, 2012

Napa Valley

We didn't have a car on our San Francisco adventure, but we really wanted to visit Napa. One dream my sister has had was to take the Napa Valley Train tour. It could be done without having a car, but it was beyond our budget for this trip. Renting a car for the day would have been possible, but then some self-sacrificing soul needs to be the designated driver. I found a much more affordable option with the Wine Country Tour Shuttle.

There are different itineraries to choose from, including some options that aren't wine tasting tours. We chose the tour without the Robert Mondavi winery stop. Included in the trip was a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, four wineries, and a ferry ride back to the City.


There are so many wineries in Napa, it would have been difficult to choose a route for us to take. With the tour, we got to sit back and let someone else be in charge. Although it was a bus tour, being a shuttle cut the potential number of travelers down. As we were off season and traveling on a Monday, the tour wasn't full. Tom the tour guide was great -he had lots of information at his finger tips, didn't mind if we napped while he spoke, and handled the resident Moaning Myrtle with aplomb.

I feel like I'm writing an ad, but I'm not -I just really enjoyed the trip  :)

Picnic grounds at V. Sattui

Wine tastings are always barrels of fun
Not quite time for the buds to come out
If only I could fit one of these into my carry-on.....

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